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Parents Asking Caregivers For Advice

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I have worked in childcare for seven years and when a parents ask me for advice they always say ” you are a parent what would you do?”

Working in childcare is not easy to say the least. I moved From New York To Florida and many of the regulations are different. Having to adjust with a larger ratio in the classroom it can take a toll on a teacher.

I work with toddlers and the ratio from students to a teacher is 6 to 1. Now could you imagine having six different personalities to run around after ? Some children just decide to do their own thing and that is when we redirect the child.

When a child gets sick in childcare our job is to observe the child. We look and notice things a child may not do on a daily bases. We give administration a call to get the child’s temperature and give a call to the parent.

Parent speaks with the teacher (ME) and the conversation starts with how’s my child? then parent asks for your advice. Now the question I get many times  would be, You are a parent what do you think I should Do ?

I think about It.

I think about it again.

I get caught up with my thoughts because I know as a teacher it would be one less child in the class but as a parent there are so many things running through my head.

As a parent I think about do I have the time to take off work to pick up my child and do I have enough money to leave my job for this pay period. If I go and pick up my child and my child only has a mild fever I think the teachers can wait.

If the child shows more signs of feeling sick yes, I would tell the parent to come pick up the child.

Caring for children and knowing your are making a difference in their early years is the most rewarding feeling. It feels great to work with children and make ever lasting bonds with families.

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Aiming for One Passion but Was Revealed Another in Life

One always questions themselves about what they would like to be in life. It starts off in elementary school  and continues through college. Throughout my life span I have changed the way I’ve felt about what career to pursue. The question I’ve always asked myself, Do you want to be the money-maker and be free? or Do you want to continue to live in the impoverished neighborhoods of Lower Manhattan?

There are many talented people who walk the streets of New York City and have succeeded in their own talents. Sometimes it just didn’t come out of thin air. There was something has led them in to the path they have taken.

Graduated in 2007 from Fiorello H. La Guardia for Performing Arts and Arts,it was evident that I wanted to pursue a career in art in some way. I went on to study Architectural Technology at Morrisville State College and was the only female Hispanic enrolled.It was a great opportunity to get away from the city and evolve myself. At the time I had frequent trips back to the city to see the love of my life. He supported everything I did and  always made me think clearly. My last semester of my freshman year I found out i was pregnant with my son Nataniel.

When you have a child your whole life changes right before your eyes. It is an amazing feeling to have a child but also very difficult at a young age. At the age of 19 there was the feeling of being invincible and being able to conquer anything that would come my way. The reality was that I had no plan in life. I tried to go back to school but I didn’t have the support i thought i would.

My son was about to turn 1 1/2 when it sunk in to my heart and head that life should not and could not be what I had imagined. There was something I had to do. My son was enrolled in the Early Head Start Program at Grand Street Settlement in the Lower East Side. The program caters to families that are impoverished and are looking to educate themselves in the development of their child.

We started in the Home Visiting program. A teacher that was knowledgeable in child development would come over and work with my son once a week. After having consistence with the visits he was able to start at the center base program. I had volunteered a lot of my time to the program. In my head I was battling the thoughts of going back to school or wanting to see my son grow. In my mind I was looking for pros and cons of getting my degree in Architectural Technology. I truly love the thought of creating and idea into a reality that some people might not see. Building doesn’t take one day and a person who can only visualize the future can understand the environmental change architecture can possess. I wanted to know that whatever I chose to do besides architecture i would be able to influence people in someway.

One day my son’s teacher spoke to me while the children were napping. She spoke about the benefits of working in childcare.At the time the only thought in my mind was this career is just to baby sit children. She encouraged me to apply as a substitute teacher at the Early Head Start Program.In the beginning I kept thinking it was just about babysitting children but in fact it is the most difficult career. Many children may not remember you when they grow up but the parents will always remember the experiences you have had with their families. I say it is the hardest career because every time you are receiving new children you are also opening your heart to new individuals.

I thought hard about what my sons teacher said and studied to get the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential. Now I’ve worked in childcare in several different positions in the past seven years. Everything is not shown in black and white. You have to take what comes to you and go with the follow to really know what make you happy. I am figuring how I can incorporate the love of childcare and architecture in one. This journey will continue…..


Family Development During COVID

My family and I had moved back to New York in the beginning of the year. We didnt know that Covid was going to take over our lives. We both started new jobs and were were grateful to start over again in our home city. Once COVID took over in March, it was a hard transition. We were in transition of staying with family but also getting stable again. We thought the worst would happen and that we would not survive this pandemic. I was able to continue a Family Development Credential (FDC) with an amazing professor and it was new very new having to work virtually. The course was based on how we can make families self reliant and have them identify their strengths. We learned how to use our resources to help our families who were in need of food and shelter. The amount of resources that we were able to provide for these families were incredible. The internet was not only a luxury but a necessity. As the course continued we tried to use all of what was available to complete the course. We were the first to complete this course virtually and it was not easy. I must say the professor did a great job with little to no prior knowledge of technology with the help of her students. She made me want to go to class every Friday and learn about how we can help our community and family reach goals they set.

The beginning started off well. We had a routine in place and the kids were attending their classes . By the end of May I was drained. Between working from home and having to be the cook, the cleaning lady, the family counselor and the teacher I was drained. I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to pull my hair out and just give up. This pandemic has been a blessing in disguise because the four years that i was away from my family I was able to catch up and spend time with the people I love. The FDC course helped me understand that it is okay to take time for myself . It may seem selfish but sometimes that is what you have to do to keep your sanity. Mental health and self care is key especially during this time. I wonder if anyone else is feeing the same way ?


Florida to NYC COVID – 19

Many things have transpired since the last time I have written on this page. I have had many obstacles .I am no longer living down south and moved back up north. NYC to be precise. It was a decision that was not easy to make. We were living the life in Florida and loved every moment in the sun.What we found in being away from our families were the moments we never thought we would miss. Holidays, birthdays , and new member in our families. I am grateful to have move from down south because there was so much time that we have lost and we can never get it back.

The ending of 2019 wasn’t easy and the beginning of 2020 was even harder. Death has been lurking in the showdown of 2019 but arose into the light in 2020. We have lost many beautiful souls before COVID-19 and we thought we could not deal with the pain. Little did we know that it was just the beginning of the true testimony of what life is about. The possibilities of seeing a loved one has been controlled by this disease. COVID-19 is controlling and taking over our lives as we speak. My thoughts and questions for the future are unsure. Will this be the new norm? Will we live in fear of having to touch and feel the love that life brings into this world? Perhaps yes, but it will never feel the same as it once did.

I had many regrets coming back to NYC. Knowing we are in the epicenter of this pandemic, I said “I chose the wrong year to come back”. Why I asked my self. It is simple, now that I sit and think about it. Everything happens for a reason and knowing if I was in Florida it would have pained me if I were unable to touch, listen, taste, see, and smell the things that are most important to me. That is Family and Friends.


Not for Me!

Hey! I’ve been on this journey to find what works for me and my family as far as income. I thought to myself long and hard today. Although it has been told to me  so many times from my husband, it really sank in today. ” Why go so hard for a company, when you can go hard for yourself …. you give them 9a-5p… you need to give your self 9a-5p for your own craft”, smart man i tell you and he is absolutely right. My new 9a-5p is 100 percent focusing on my mission to create a series of  children’s books. I tried affiliate marketing and it was just NOT FOR ME !


The Millennial Age

Understanding how technology has evolved and how it’s become a part of every day life can be hard for older generations to understand. I often hear comments about Millennial’s are rude, they want everything easy, and  they just don’t know how to act period.  If you were born between the late 80’s early 90’s then you are considered a millennial.

Why is it hard for the older generation to understand that working a 9-5 just doesn’t cut it in this new age. We have evolved in technology and we use it  in our everyday life. Now things are progressing where time is of the essence. Millennial’s are tired of being lied too, so that is the reason for being rude and misunderstood.

Yes, we want everything fast and easy. You ask why and the answer is simple. Our attention span is less than our older generation. If you are unable to keep our attention for more than 30 SEC. than we move on to the next thing.

We are living in a fast pace time where our older generation do not understand the meaning of online working , self employment online, becoming your own boss, etc. It is hard for them to fathom the fact that traditional jobs are becoming less and less available. Artificial intelligence will soon be taking over million jobs and we as human need to be able to adapt to this new life.

I am writing about this because older people have told me that I am wasting my time with Online marketing and just go back to a 9-5 job.

First off who wants to spend their whole day doing just a JOB? Who wants to be at a job and feel miserable every single day ? Why depend on someone else for your money ? Aren’t you worth more than 10 -15 dollars an hour?  Don’t you want to spend the most of your time with your family and enjoying  life ?

These are the question many Millennial’s ask themselves. After witnessing parents work their tail off and have no energy for their own family is the worst thing a JOB can do. Why be stuck in that cycle, when you can change your path. Remember your JOB can replace you in a second  but your family can’t replace you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. Will continue to follow up on Online marketing.

Check out My marketing blog on  products I have purchased and also prelaunch, launched new software to increase your leads for your online business. It is still very fresh and new.


Online Marketing Follow-up

Its about the third week trying affiliate marketing. Uhhh… its so frustrating that every you-tuber makes it seem so easy but it truly isn’t. You have to find free traffic through different websites such as Pinterest. Then you have to make sure you are approve to promote pages. I haven’t seen results and have yet to make a sale .. I just don’t know if it is worth my time. If I had a mentor show me exactly step by step than maybe I would be more confident. Some YouTube videos have great information but it always seems like there is a step missing.


Don’t Let Go ..!

Who has ever had their child scare them in the store? 

My daughter thought that it would be funny to hide from me in the store. It was a ordinary day when we went to Walmart to grab some things for the house. We walked around for a while and then went into the kitchen aisle. She was jumping up and down asking for her Buddy Bear. Then it went super silent. When i notice it was way to quiet, I asked the Walmart worker if she had seen a little girl with a jean dress on and in response she said “No”. I called out for my daughters name and still no answer. I looked down the next aisle nothing. I called out her name and still no answer.

I can not express the how my heart dropped as if I were on a roller coaster. My stomach were in knots. Running up and down the aisles of Walmart yelling her name. I began to think that this only happens on the news and that this could not happen to me. We always think that thing that we see in the movies and on the new would not happen to us but, we have to come to realize that anything can happen in this crazy world. So about 5- 10 min passed and i had all of the Walmart employees looking for my daughter and as we were about to send out an Amber Alert my daughter pops out from underneath the towels. She looked around and I knew she was frighten because of the expression on her face. I told her that it was not nice to hide from mommy and that everyone was looking for her. She grabbed so tight I told her that she needs to hold my hand and Don’t let go.



Not as Easy as it Looks or What They Say About Online Marketing

Its been a learning experience with online marketing. I have tried JVZOO.Com for the past week and still NO leads. I started wondering if it’s even possible to make money online.

I quit my job due to personal reasons and thought that this would be a great way to make money. To say the least, its very confusing. I’m a pretty fast learner but this right here takes the cake. I’ve tried youtube videos and have signed up to all the site they have recommend and still nothing. I will keep trying and keep you guys posted on whether or not its worth trying.

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New Path in Life

It has been a very long time since I have written in my blog. There is has been a new path in my life. I love working with children but right now the universe has guided me towards a different route.  Working from home and enjoying my daughter is the new goal. I have started online marketing. I will continue to write about the pros and cons of online marketing.


Just Say NO to The Pacifier

It drives me nuts to see a child with a pacifier in their mouth when they walk in to my classroom. Parents, your doing more harm to your child for your selfishness.

Yes, I said it parents you are being selfish. Just so you can get some piece and quiet. How about we just shove the pacifier in their mouth because they are crying at the top of their lungs.

Its like saying to a drug addict here’s your drugs. If you whine hard and long for it I’ll give it to you. 

A pacifier are for infants not toddlers or kids age 6.

When you drop your child off at daycare. We as caregivers try our best to help with weaning them off. Some parents put the pressure on us but parents need to take full responsibility for the addiction they have created. 

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Parents Co Teach with Caregivers


Hey guys! As a caregiver parents always asks for advise and how to continue to work with their children at home. However you may have parent that will not stick to the plans which can make things harder for the caregiver at daycare or school.

Working with parents sometimes may be harder than working with the children. Children are influenced by the people around them. When a parent shows inconsistency the child will not learn the importance of a routine.

When parents and caregiver are on the same page it makes it easier for accomplishing goals such as potty training, biting , hitting, encouraging language ,etc. Without supporting each other to teach the child valuable routines and social development the child is the one who suffers.


As a parent from my own experience, we get so caught up with life that we may think we are not affecting our children by setting things aside. In reality it can be damaging. 

For caregiver please be patient with parents. They may have things going on in their life that they may not want to speak about and feel it may be none of your business. Try to listen more than advising or suggesting unless they ask.

Parents please be patient with caregivers. Remember parents, your child will learn to socialize with children their own age and things happen such as hitting and biting. We not only care for your child we care for 11 other children in the room who are also learning to socialize. Please keep an open  mind to caregivers.